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WeeCare Panty Liners

cloth Pads

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Panty Liners from WeeCare is a natural and sustainable alternative to disposable sanitary pads.

• 18 cm long
• 100 % cotton printed fabric on top (against the skin)
• Absorbent core of  organic cotton and hemp (one layer)
• Polyester fleece as the bottom layer

WeeCare Panty Liners are suitable for everyday use, very light flow or as backup protection when using a menstrual cup or tampons.

This mini cloth panty liner is very thin and comfortable to wear.

Washing instructions:

The panty liner is closed around the panties with a little snap/button on the back side (see image). The colored cotton side of the panty liner is the top part (touching the skin). When the panty liner is used, you simply store it in a wetbag (small waterproof bag) together with all your used panty liners, until it is time for washing them. You can bring the wetbag with you when you are going out, or you can hang it near the toilet in your home.

When you are going to wash the panty liners, first let them soak in cold water for about half an hour. Then wash them at up to 60 degrees and a prewash.

You can hang them to dry, but they are also OK for tumble drying.

The panty liners will shrink around 10 % being washed and dried a few times.

When you get your brand new panty liners, you let them soak in cold water for 12-24 hours before you wash them the first time. This will increase the absorption from the beginning. After the soaking, you can wash them with other laundry you might have.