The Day I bought A Nappy Shop

Oct 06 , 2022


Nicky Barnes

The Day I bought A Nappy Shop

We often hear about the 'obsession' or 'addiction' of buying cloth nappies so I suppose the ultimate fix must be to buy a whole shop!   And that's what I did a few weeks ago.  I do love cloth nappies and am hugely passionate about what they stand for - the massive impact switching to cloth has on our planet is the motivation for me. 

Knowing that potty training is soon coming for my two youngest - and there will be no more babies - meant that getting involved with cloth in a business sense would be a great way of keeping cloth in my life.  I had already started working on setting up an online nappy store when the opportunity to buy the Happi Nappies shop came along.

As soon as I looked at the business it just felt right for me - I love how it has been set up, the look of the website and the gentle but informative marketing.  I also love the products in stock - some staple brands that many cloth users know and love well such as Baba and Boo and Little Lambs nappies. Some of the brands I wasn't familiar with so I didn't realise how much I was going to love them as soon as I saw them!  I'm talking Puppi Diapers and Weecare.  I've used over 50 brands myself so it does take something special to impress me but these two really offer such beautiful nappies and inserts.

Buying a business has been an experience - there's been a lot to consider, lots of administrative tasks to be ticked off and it took a while for us - buyer and seller - to be ready.  But then the day came - contracts were signed and stock was counted. Money paid. Deal done. I bought a nappy shop! 

Now my job is to help spread the word of how amazing cloth nappies are; how much better for the planet and better for our babies' skin they are; and to dispel the myths that the laundry is too hard and that cloth nappies inhibit babies' movement.  I'm looking forward to that and to continuing the good work of Happi Nappies, of looking after our customers and helping the new ones.





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