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WeeCare Medium Nappy from


Complete Nappy

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WeeCare Medium Nappy with one Hemp/Organic cotton one size Insert

WeeCare Easy is a waterproof cover that pairs with an absorbent insert to form a complete nappy. The Easy Cover comes in two sizes, where medium covers 6-10 kg, and large covers from 10 kg upwards - until the child no longer uses nappies.
The kilo indications are indicative as all children are different in proportion, and some children will, for example, go up to a size large before hitting the 10 kg, where other children will only be able to fit large when they are heavier than the 10 kg. Often it is the thickness of the thighs that determines when the child should move up a size.

The Easy Cover consists of two layers of fabric. On the outside of the Easy Cover there is 100% cotton, which is Danish designed and Oeko-Tex certified. It is the outermost cotton fabric that makes the WeeCare Easy diaper special, and with its Nordic and minimalist expression it differs markedly from other nappies on the market.
On the inside of the Easy Cover is PUL (Poly Eurathane Laminate) waterproof fabric, which makes the diaper 100% waterproof. The PUL fabric itself has two sides: On one side is the lamination, which is a glossy, smooth, thin and very flexible plastic lamination. On the other hand, there is soft polyester fabric. In the Easy Cover, the soft jersey fabric turns into the diaper, thus laminating is hidden and protected between cotton on one side and polyester jersey on the other. This constellation has the advantage that the smooth lamination is protected and thus not so exposed to tears or other damage, while the plastic lamination will never touch baby's skin.
The WeeCare Easy Cover has invisible seams at the leg opening to ensure the diaper is 100% waterproof.

In addition, Easy Cover has a soft fleece fabric along the back of the diaper, which makes the diaper feel soft for the baby to wear and that the elasticated edge of the back should not bother the baby.


The Onesize insert fits in both sizes of Easy Covers and consists of materials that are naturally absorbent. The Onesize insert consists of four layers of absorbent hemp fabric (a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, topped with the softest bamboo velour (55% bamboo viscose, 25% organic cotton and 20% polyester), which rests against baby's skin. It has a hint of stay-dry effect, which means that it does not feel nearly as wet such as pure cotton.
The bottom layer of the onesize insert has waterproof PUL fabric that protects the cover so it doesn't get wet easily, so the cover can be used again if it has not become particularly wet or dirty.
The onesize insert is open in the middle to allow air to flow through as it hangs to dry, drying faster than if all layers of fabric were sewn all the way around the edge.
The inserts have leakage barriers in the sides, which consist of soft microfleece fabric, which helps with containment, and also helps to protect the cover from getting wet or dirty.