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Part Time Cloth - The Night Time Bundle


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Part Time Cloth Nappies

It's really important to recognise that not everyone can or wants to use cloth nappies full time.  Part time use makes a huge difference to waste and your carbon footprint so we have devised some great bundles to help you manage your 'part time' cloth experience

How do you make it work part time?

One option is to do cloth only at night. Once your baby stops pooping overnight, you can expect to get up to 12 hours from a single effective night nappy. 

This bundle of night time options will see you through clothing at night.  There are enough nappies for use for three-four days and with washing every two days you will have time for these to dry ready for reuse, with a couple of spares just in case you do have to do a change.   Each option will last most babies around 12 hours, however some babies may need extra boosters.

What do you get? Contents will have an RRP of approx. £65 saving you around £20. 

2 fitted nappies, selected from our most popular fitted night nappies - Bells Bumz hemp fitted, Tots Bots Bamboozle and handmade fitteds from one of our talented WAH makers.

2 flat nappies , 1 Brightbots Cotton Terry and 1 Bells Bumz Bamboo Terry.

3 hemp boosters

2 reusable nappy liners

2 nappy wraps  - selected from our popular brands Bells Bumz Z wrap, Tots Bots Bamboozle wrap,  Little Lamb wrap and Fiyyah wrap.

1 x nippa fastener.

This bundle gives you the chance to try some of the most tried and tested brands which are loved by many cloth users.  Each item is versatile enabling you to get plenty of use, should you wish to use in the daytime too. 



Flats can be pad folded to use as a day time AI2

Wraps can be used with other inserts to create AI2 system

Flat nappies can be used alone for a day time solution

Fitted nappies can be used as day time solutions and are a great option for naps and car journeys. 


Contents are chosen by us, but as always we are happy to consider requests for certain prints - just pop your requests in the comments.