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Mystery Box


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Boxes will contain a mix of clearance and current stock items. Please list your likes/dislikes/print styles or if you'd like only nappies or would like accessories as well.  You can even request a specific item if you like and we will include it where possible.

Newborn boxes can also contain Post Partum cloth pads and/or breast pads if requested.

BTP Small boxes typically contain 3 items/nappies or nappies and accessories

Medium boxes typically contain 5 items/nappies or nappies and accessories

Large boxes typically contain 10 items/nappies or nappies and accessories

These are ' not such a mystery boxes' as I want you to be HAPPI with your HAPPI BOX!! 

 Happinappies mystery boxes won't leave you disappointed. Choose from Newborn or Birth to Potty, Luxury or Ultra, and see what surprises you get. All mystery boxes are different and include items like nappies, wetbags, cloth wipes and other accessories. They sometimes include hard to find or discontinued prints but this can't be guaranteed.  They usually contain at least one clearance item but will also inlcude at least one current item.

We always ensure they are incredible value.

This is either a great gift for a friend, or a great gift for yourself. 

It's also an amazing way to add to your collection when you can’t pick what you want!

Pop it in the comments or drop me an email if there is something in particular you'd like (you can check the website to see what is in stock) and we will do our best to include it.  Also let me know if there is something you don't want included.  We want you to be happy with your boxes, and we know that surprises are not for everyone!  Returns or exchanges can be arranged if you are unhappy with what you receive. ( In line with our return policy)