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Cosy Cottage Cosy Cuddles Shea Butter Baby Barrier Cream


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A rich, protective handmade baby barrier cream handmade in Yorkshire.  The concentrated, protective formula is based on coconut oil and shea butter, with rapeseed derived glycerin and calendilla wax. Containing no added water, allowing the moisturising effects of the coconut oil and shea butter.

The Cosy Cuddles range for babies contains no synthetic fragrances; only a hint of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil. Chamomile is often used in natural remedies for the relief of skin problems or rashes. 

Suitable for vegans. Cruelty free.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin (rapeseed oil derived), Sunflower Oil, Calendilla Wax, Chamomile Essential Oil.


If using cloth nappies, we recommend using a nappy liner when using barrier creams