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Bells Bumz Junior Fitted Nappy with pocket



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Perfect for those night times and heavy wetter’s. The Actual nappy is made up of two layers of hemp itself. Then included are two snap in inserts. One 4 layers of Hemp (55% hemp, 45% cotton) and one 4 layer Bamboo which is topped with amazing-stay dry coffee fibre fleece (80% bamboo). So you have 10 layers of super absorbent material.


This also has the advantages of 4 rise adjustments so you can alter the size accordingly.


Soft elastic around the legs, back and the tummy area.


Here Is the best part. This nappy is lined with super soft coffee fibre fleece. It’s amazing at staying dry and absorbing all of the wet through its layer. Super soft against babies skin and antibacterial to boot. There is also a pocket opening in the stay dry fleece to allow for boosting.


Weight range 25lb to 70lb approx

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