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Bubba Flatz Tencel Onesize Preflat


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Two layers of stretchy 215 GSM Tencel jersey with an outer stretchy cotton print. Outer cotton fabric will vary depending on chosen print and will be cotton jersey, french terry or cotton waffle.

Maker Bronya says 'When I made these preflats I wanted them to last, I wanted them to be a true 'birth to potty / one size nappy' There's nothing more frustrating buying a product that you believe will grow with your baby and it doesn't! You won't need to buy a new stash, the trick here on sizing is all in the way you fold our preflats! We also have newborn size available, which is designed to bridge the gap between a one size nappy and a tiny bubba! '

Simply secure with a pin or nippa and cover with a wrap

Fabric composition

Tencel 95%  5% Elastane

Cotton jersey and French Terry 95%cotton 5%Elastane

Cotton waffle 97% cotton 3% elastane 

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