Why Choose Cloth?

Nov 13 , 2022


Nicky Barnes

Why Choose Cloth?

Being more 'eco' is high on the agenda everywhere with everything we do, so it's no surprise that may people state their main motivation for using cloth nappies is an environmental one.  Each baby will go through approx. 5000 nappies changes and disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to fully decompose - in the process contaminating our soils and polluting ecosystems.

The other big motivator is the ability to save money; even after adding in the cost of washing and drying, and even with the cost of energy having increased recently, you can still save money in the long run. ( We'll be writing more about this in our next post)

Health reasons - there are a lot of chemicals in disposable nappies including dioxins, dyes and perfumes.  These can all end up next to baby's sensitive skin and in some cases there are reactions to those chemicals causing soreness, rashes and discomfort for your little one.

And talking of comfort - I think even just looking at cloth nappies you can see that they ooze comfort.  Soft nature materials that allow baby's skin to breathe.   

The suggestion that cloth inhibits movement is a myth. In fact cloth nappies are often recommended by paediatricians as they place the hips in optimum position for mobility.   Just look at all the 50-60-70 years olds you know - do you know any that have mobility issues due to being in traditional cloth nappies?

But also, cloth does make you feel good. Maybe it's knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint immensely, feeling part of a 'community' or just simply enjoying the different prints.  My husband often calls my cloth enthusiasm 'a hobby' and like other hobbies that can certainly bring you joy, make you feel good and help your mental wellbeing.

I'd love to know what your motivation and reasons for considering or using cloth is?

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