Preloved Nappies

Oct 17 , 2022


Nicky Barnes

Preloved Nappies

If you're a reusable nappy user then buying and using preloved nappies is arguably the greenest way to do it.  

Cloth nappies can last for years and cloth several children, so passing them on is the perfect sustainable way of keeping them in circulation for the rest of their lives.  Preloved isn't for everyone, but with the rising cost of living and energy price crisis that we're all facing I think it is nudging more people in that direction.

There's certainly an active market for preloved nappies.  The main benefit is that you pay a reduced price, and you can try different styles and brands without spending a lot.  Anything you don't like you can move on again.  The drawbacks are that you don't always know what the condition will be and how well cared for the nappies have been.  And when it comes to selling it can be time consuming, listing and taking enquiries, and then there's the packing and posting.

So I've decided to include a preloved section within our store.  I hope that this will prove an easy way for our customers to buy and to sell their nappies - yes I did say sell - as we will also be launching a 'buy back' programme, whereby customers can sell back to us the nappies they buy from us when they no longer need them. 

Other benefits to buying your nappies preloved - it's a great way to get started with cloth, to try a few things that you haven't tried before at a lower price, bulk out that nursery stash, or pick up a print that is discontinued and harder to find.   And of course, it is the greener way of buying any type of garment, and as that's often the main motivation for using cloth nappies in the first place then that's a huge win.



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